Field of application: Lighting control for local objects such as offices, restaurants, hotel complexes, campsites and recreation centers, sports halls and sites, shopping malls, warehouses, production shops, parking lots and gas stations, parks and gardens, architectural objects, etc.

Main functions:

  • Automatic control of lighting under the set schedule (turning on and off, change of brightness of separate lighting fixtures (LFs) or groups of lighting fixtures) depending on the time of the day,  week days, astronomic phenomena (sunrise, sunset) for the specified geographic coordinates;
  • Stabilization of the set level of total illumination in local zones in the large premises depending on the changes of natural illumination (natural illumination level meter is connected additionally);
  • Management of illumination  system operation according to the preset scenes, etc.  .

The number of the individual LF addresses in the lighting system: 220 individual addresses, 29 group addresses, 1 common address for all lighting fixtures.   Number of scenes for illumination system: 20.

Notes: The control commands are transmitted via power supply network wires.  Each lighting fixture shall be equipped with the power supply network command receiver (PNSCR).

A turn-push encoder of the device (light controller) located on the front panel permits to choose the desired operation mode by means of a sequence of turning and pushing actions:  e.g., initial sequence chooses the lighting control zone number, then,  repeated sequence chooses the illumination strength of the lighting fixture in the selected control zone. The results of the manipulations performed are displayed on the LCD display and can be recorded into the device (controller) memory as one of the variants of the desired light control scenarios.

It is possible to connect an external PC with the special control software (dispatcher’s AW).

The light controller can be manufactured in either single-phase or three-phase version, and has built-in clock and calendar.   Load current ranges from 10 to 100 А per phase (please specify in task description).  The design possibilities foresee an option of split blocks construction under which the control block and the power keys block are manufactured separately (for powerful loads).

The price of the controller is determined depending on task description.   The product certificate and the operation  manual are available upon  request.