The command receiver is meant for lighting fixtures (LF) operation within Light-09 illumination automated control system (IACS).

The PSNCR receives LF operation mode commands from the lighting control cabinet (LCC) transmitted via power supply network and sends those to the control input of the dimming unit power source (driver) of the lighting fixture.  At option, the following control interfaces are available: PWМ 0 -10 V; DALI.  In addition, there is an option to switch between two independent loads with current consumption of 2A in each.

The following control commands for LF  are available:  switch the LF on within the range from  0% to 100% of its power, with 10% pitch;   connect one or both loads; disconnect one or both loads.

The number of addresses that can be programmed in the PSNCR by means of the PSNCR programmer unit: 220 individual addresses; 29 group addresses; 1 broad-band (common) address.

The PSNCR can be mounted both inside and outside the lighting fixture, inside a hollow support, in the cabinet, or as a structural element of  NEMA.

Operating temperature range:  ± 45°С.

Protection class: at least IP54 or IP65 as per GOST 14254-96 depending on the version.

The PSNCR  can be manufactured as a separate unit in an EC grade housing filled with compound (Fig. 1,2), or as a circuit board comprising an element of the LF driver.

Detailed specifications and wiring diagrams for the PSNCR are given in the product certificate which is available upon request.

Fig.1. EPK-03.1

 Fig. 2. EPK-03.2