This cabinet is operated as a part of illumination automated control system (IACS). The LCC is designed for long-term continuous automatic operation and requires no intervention in its operation from the maintenance staff.

The LCC switches the power supply into the lighting utility line, carries out address control of lighting fixtures (LFs), a group of LFs, or all LFs within the facility by sending commands to those via power network (turning on and off, dimming from 0 to 100 % with 10% pitch) according to the programmed astronomical schedule, natural illumination level, preset scene, or dispatcher’s command.  To this end, each LF shall have a power supply network command receiver  (PSNCR), and the LF power source (driver) shall have the dimming control input to which the PSNCR output shall be connected.

The number of addresses used by the LCC to control LFs on a single phase line is: 220 individual addresses, 29 group addresses, and 1 broad-band (common) address. The number of preset lighting scenes is 20.

If necessary, the dispatcher can make adjustments to the settings of modes (scenes) from the automated workstation (AW) of the LCC or remotely control the modes of any LF, group of LFs, all LFs located on the same or on different phase lines, perform switching of phase lines.

During operation, the lighting control cabinet also automatically detects faulty relays, measures  power consumption,   phase currents and voltages of lighting lines, monitors GSM signal strength, transmits information about process parameters via GSM network or (optionally) via wire communication channels to the OIACS/IACS server.


Control cabinets are made in three-phase (SHUO-3 series) and single-phase (SHUO-1 series) basic wall-mounted  versions with IP-54 protection class according to GOST 14254-96 and use power optoelectronic switch/modulator to control the load. Load capacity of three-phase cabinet is up to 50 (or up to 100) A per phase at supply voltage of 380 V (depending on the version), the same for the single-phase cabinet is up to 50 A at the supply voltage of 220 V. All LCCs are provided with overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

In a basic version the weight of SHUO-3х50 is not more than 25 kg, the weight of SHUO-1 is not more than 18 kg. A picture of SHUO-3х50 is given below. Technical specifications are given in the product certificate (available upon request).

Fig.1. SHUO-3×50