The programmer unit of the power supply network command receiver (PSNCR) is meant to assign addresses, adjust operation modes and test the serviceability of the PSNCRs within the AICS/OIACS. The PSNCR programmer unit is a portable device with the power supply from 220 V/ 50 Hz network.

The programmer unit top contains: power cord with plug, multiple-use compression terminals for connection to the PSNCR, and a compartment with replaceable fuse.

The front panel of the programmer unit has an alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight and a turn-push encoder knob, above which there is a double-sided arrow that  indicates the direction of its rotation (clockwise and counterclockwise). The inscription «START» below the encoder knob indicates the mode of a single short press on the knob.

The PNSCR programmer unit can perform the following functions:

— writing an individual address (IA) to the PSNCR memory (maximum — 220 addresses);

— writing of the group address (GA) into the PSNCR memory (maximum 29 addresses);

— writing of the lighting scene into the PSNCR memory (maximum 20 scenes);

— switching (selecting) the operating scenes from the ones previously recorded into the PSNCR memory;

— setting of the PSNCR parameters (for example, direct/ inverted PWM and its frequency, etc.)

— switching the brightness level of the luminaire connected to the PSNCR, from 0 to 100% with 10% pitch.

Fig.1. Programmer unit front view

Appearance of the PSNCR  programmer is shown on the figure. Overall dimensions (mm) — 230x120x40. Protection class:  IP54. Maximum continuous current load — 2 A. Operating ambient temperature — ±45°С.

The characteristics of the product are specified in the passport and in the operation  manual for the PSNCR programmer unit (the document available upon request).