OIACS «Light-09» allows you to control the brightness and power consumption of each light source operating in the system.

The operation modes of an individual light source (or group) (switching on, off, reducing the intensity of the luminous flux by 50%) are controlled in accordance with a given schedule or at the command of a dispatcher. Control commands are transmitted over power lines.

High pressure gas-discharge lamps (DNaT, DNaZ), induction lamps and LEDs can be used as light sources.

To control gas-discharge lamps, electronic control gears (ECGs) with an integrated power grid command receiver are produced.

To control the drivers of LED luminaires, power grid command receivers (EPC) are produced. Commands to the driver control input are sent via the PWM interface, 0-10 V. It is also possible to switch sections of LED lamps.

The mains command receiver can also be used to control induction lamps.